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We create custom designed metal signs without limitations. While most of our signs are geared towards Farm and Ranch application, there is no limit to how you use your sign.

We use heavy gauge new steel for all of our metal signs.  1/8” (10 gauge) and 3/16” (7 gauge) steel are the most common however a wide variety of different gauges are available.  There are many benefits to using thick gauge steel for metal signs.   Most people want a heavy duty long lasting for their application. A sign that doesn’t swing in the wind, that’s not easily stolen, that doesn’t warp during sand blasting and easily welded in place by the customer are all great benefits to using thicker steel.  Light gauge steel (10 gauge or less) is called for when weight is an important factor such as gates, indoor applications or installations on buildings or walls

When shopping for your project, be sure to consider the thickness of the metal being used.  This is the easiest way for the maker to cut their cost as a lot of people don’t fully understand gauge sizes pertaining to metal. 





"Hi Ryan, The flag is AMAZING. Everyone comments on it. Great Job!! I couldn't be happier with it. I've attached a couple pictures. You are welcome use them as you would like. Thanks again for a great job and for meeting the timelines I was hoping for!!"

 Jeff C.

Jeff C.

American Patriot

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