Steel Oak Designs is small Mom and Pop style shop producing small batch runs of various handcrafted décor. While custom orders will be considered, we prefer to craft small batches of specific designs, then offer them at a fair price.  Orders may be taken by using the contact form on this website or by visiting my store. Time is very precious to us, we are a young family with busy kids, full time jobs and very active within our church. We love to craft ideas by fusing our wood working skills with our metal working skills and we are very passionate about it! Having said that, we will keep our website up to date with our item stock numbers. If you see something you like, contact us soon or else it may be gone!


Having grown up as a son of a Metal Artist, I have spent many hours with a chipping hammer and angle grinder in hand. My father started hand torching metal art and signs back in the early 80’s with an oxygen/acetylene torch. He did this on a part time basis until the early 90’s when he decided to operate his business Torchcraft Metal Art on a full-time basis. Torchcraft continues to operate to this day the same way it always has in South Texas. One man and one torch creating custom metal signs that will outlast any one of us.
While I was in college, I picked up a part time job at a sign shop where I got to learn the art of sign making from a different perspective. Banners, billboards, neon, vehicle lettering and so on. I guess you could say it was a matter of time before I began to create my own ideas. My full-time job has lead me to the Kansas City area, where my family is establishing their roots. As my kids grow I am finding a bit more free time to devote to my true passion which is blending my love for wood working with my love for metal art. My wife who has a very artist touch and eye has been learning her way around the shop and is very eager to design, create and fine-tune all the projects.