Triple O Ranch Sign

Triple O Ranch located in New Braunfals TX wanted this 8 foot sign cut from a heavy duty 3/16".  Since it was going to hang from the top of the sign, they didn't want the strong winds that they usually get to  blow the sign around.  The sign was powder coated in a rustic color to simulate a rusty finish.  

Thunder Creek Equipment

​Thunder Creek Equipment in Iowa asked me to replicate their logo out of aluminum.  The basic shape was cut from 1/8" aluminum the rest was painted with automotive paint and clear coat.  1 inch space between pieces gives it a 3D look.  Hopefully I'll get a pic back once its installed and I'll add that to the gallery below.  Diff...
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Air Force Retirement Gift

A customer of mine from the St. Louis area asked me to make a sign similar to the NATCA signs but for his friend who is retiring from the the Air Force.  Cut from 1/8" steel, polished, painted, clear coated and finally LEDs to backlight the Air Force Logo. 

Shaeffer Farm Sign

Great looking sign that was sent to a farm in Alabama.  They do a lot of work with combines, hence the logo.  They also farm cotton, peanuts, corn and raise beef.  Cut from 1/8" steel with hanging hoops at the top for chain.  

NATCA Metal Sign with LEDS

Here are a couple of NATCA signs that I donated to NATCA's charitable foundation auction at the Communication For Safety 2018 event.  They seem to have become pretty popular.  I'm glad that my work can help raise money for various charities.

Masons Logo

​This Masons logo was sent to the Virgin Island.  The piece is going to be mounted on a gate with pressure plates on the backside (pic below).  Stainless steel bolts and hardware were used to help combat the salty environment on the island. 

Scottish Thistle

​Scottish Thistle cut from 1/8" steel, sand blasted and powder coated black.  

Hammer Down

​2 Color sign for a family member who runs an oil field trucking company in South Texas.  Cut from 1/8" steel with 2 mounting holes. 

Mosquito Creek Plantation, Florida

This 2 part sign was cut from a heavy duty 3/16" thick steel.  The top sign measures 8 feet long, the lower portion measures 10 feet long.  The top piece has tabs welded on to the back side which allow large lag bolts to securely anchor the sign into the wooden cross beam. It was sand blasted and powder coated before shipping to Florida.&...
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Twisted Oaks

A customer from Arizona wanted a sign for their property in the Prescott, AZ area.  The oak trees in AZ are not quite as full as they are in the rest of the country. She asked that it have some twist in the lower portion of the trunk.  She also wanted it cut from 3/16" so that it wouldn't get blown around in the strong desert winds. ...
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Rusty Rooster Ranch

My customer asked that I turn his logo into a metal sign that he could weld on to his entrance.  Once he gets it welded in place he will paint it a nice fitting red color. I have to admit, this is one cool sign.

Pray, Give, Go

A good friend of mine at work told me about a sign that he once had at an old church and was wanting to replace it at his current church.This sign is ¾" sign board with black vinyl lettering.The helmet represents the Helmet of Salvation from Ephesians 6:17. Its cut from 1/8" steel, airbrushed and clear coated.He was very happy with it and I hope th...
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Rafter J Construction

Rafter J Construction is a general contractor in Victoria, TX that specializes in metal buildings.  They asked that I create their logo in a way that can be mounted on their office building above their door.  It's a 3 part sign cut from 1/8" steel and powder coated in a bronze color that matches the buildings trim.  

Liberty Tree

I helped a customer design this gift for her husband.  They have named their place the Liberty Tree and asked that I create a large Oak tree and place each member of their family underneath it.  She asked that I include a cross since they are Christians and a T-38 jet since they met each other while he served in the military and was flyin...
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DiamondBack HVAC - South TX

I was asked to make this sign as a birthday gift for one of the owners of Diamond Back HVAC out of La Vernia, TX. It is made from 1/8" metal, polished, painted, clear coated then polished to a glossy shine  .  

NATCA Philly Convention Auction Item

  ​I was asked by our facility VP if I would make something for the NATCA convention this year to help raise money for the charitable foundation. It's cut from 1/8" plate, glossy clear coat and color changing LED lights light up the radar sweep. 

Stilwell Elementary Auction Item

Here is a tattered flag that I donated to our schools auction.  Its a slightly different design than then others that I've done. I've removed the cutouts that outline the stripes.  Just trying something different.  I like it!

Wedding Sign For a Lucky Couple

A couple in San Antonio is getting married this spring. They asked me to create this design with their names and wedding date on a rusty looking piece of metal. The metal is 1/8" plate with a faux rust painted background, white lettering and glossy 2 part automotive clear coat.   Measures 18" wide by 36" tall and weighs about 25 lbs. 

The Land Of 4 Oaks

 "Sign is great the whole family thinks it is a neat addition to the property!" This sign was cut from a heavy 3/16" plate so the wind wouldn't blow the hanging sign around too much. D-rings shapes cut into the top corners to easily hang from the chains and finished with a nice black powder coat.  

42" Flag For a 20 Year Army Veteran


Here is a 42" flag that I shipped out to Colorado for a Veterans Christmas present.  They just needed some hangers welded on the back for hanging directly on the wall above their TV.  I'm also including their Facebook post with a great video of the unwrapping.  

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